• Customized More Than Your Bike

    A solution with hand-fabricated features that help motorcycle dealers succeed.

Motorcycle dealers work with passionate customers who are seeking a product just right for them. Using a “Motorcycle” Dealer Management System designed for new and used cars does not allow you to properly serve your customer.

That’s why you need a Dealer Management System that meets your specific needs. DealerAccelerate will truly enhance your inventory management abilities, because it was built with your specialty dealership in mind. DealerAccelerate streamlines operations, simplifies marketing and publishing, and increases profitability. It does so through years of experience with specialty inventory.

Automate Your Vehicle Processing

From the initial intake to photography and listing online, DealerAccelerate for Motorcycle will streamline your operations so your vehicles go from acquired to sold, faster.

Track Customers Smarter

Leads and recurring customers are a huge part of powersports sales, and it can be a lot to manage. DealerAccelerate can automate vehicle requests, import and assign leads, and even set reminders for sales and customer service. Never lose a lead again, and always keep be up to speed with your customer’s needs.

Sell, Service and Inventory in One Place

DealerAccelerate not only allows you to manage a Motorcycle inventory, but service work and a parts inventory as well. Detailed service documents, billable invoices, parts management, and more! Whether you service ATVs, build custom bikes, sell parts, or all three, we can help you utilize this tool and make you more efficient. The best part is, you can centralize your data and do it all on one platform!

The Freedom of a Platform as Open as the Highway

No two dealers are exactly the same. Why should your DMS be? DealerAccelerate aims to give you the best out-of-the-box solution available, but we understand that your processes may be unique, or just a bit different from others’. That’s why we offer complete customization in the form of rolling development. We want each client’s account to best fit how they operate and arm them with the tools needed to succeed. The sky’s the limit with what we allow you to build, customize and supercharge.