• The Ideal Solution for the Classic Car Dealer

    The only software designed specifically for classics.

Unlike any other DMS on the market, DealerAccelerate™ is a true enterprise system that allows you to manage your entire operations. You can track your inventory from logistics to costs to customer leads as well as manage employees, security levels, and tasks. Dealer Accelerate allows owners to go from being chained to their shop for 12+ hours a day to having the ability to run a dealership from literally anywhere in the world.

Your inventory may not be “new”, but they aren’t “used” cars either. Every classic car is a specialty car, so why would you use software built for “new” and “used” car dealers?

DealerAccelerate is the only dealer management software designed specifically for the classic car dealer. The software was built with your dealership in mind with the sole purpose of helping to streamline operations, simplify marketing and publishing, and increase profitability.

We Were Made for Each Other

At DealerAccelerate we understand the unique nature of buying and selling classic cars. Although your cars aren’t “new,” they certainly aren’t “used” either. So ask yourself: why would I use a platform built for a new/used dealership? We are the ONLY solution built specifically for the classic and collector car dealer. Our software was built with your dealership in mind, with the sole purpose of helping to streamline operations, simplify marketing and publishing, and increase profitability.

Automate Your Vehicle Processing

From the intake inspection to photography and listing online, Dealer Accelerate for Classics will streamline your operations so your cars go from acquired to sold, faster.

The Value is in the Details

It’s the little things that matter; Numbers matching, original color, historical documentation. It’s the details that make these cars valuable. As the only DMS designed for the classic car dealer, we allow you to record a tremendous amount of detail about each vehicle in your inventory, ensuring you and your team are always as informed as your unique buyers.

The Freedom of a Platform as Open as the Highway

No two classics are exactly the same. Why should your DMS be? DealerAccelerate aims to give you the best out-of-the-box solution available, but we understand that your processes may be unique, or just a bit different from others’. That’s why we offer complete customization in the form of rolling development. We want each client’s account to best fit how they operate and arm them with the tools needed to succeed. The sky’s the limit with what we allow you to build, customize and supercharge.