Accelerating Business in these Industries


Work smarter, not harder. Running an auction is no easy undertaking. It takes dedication, experience, and a whole lot of planning. So it pays to have a software to keep everything organized and streamlined.

Classic Car Dealers

Unlike any other DMS on the market, DealerAccelerate™ is a true enterprise system that allows you to manage your entire operations. You can track your inventory from logistics to costs to customer leads as well as manage employees, security levels, and tasks. Dealer Accelerate allows owners to go from being chained to their shop for 12+ hours a day to having the ability to run a dealership from literally anywhere in the world.

Exotic and Luxury Dealers

You may have brand new cars in your Inventory, but don’t confuse yourself with a mere “new car” dealership. Your customers do not buy your cars to get from point A to B. They buy because they want an unparalleled driving experience and to look great doing it, so why would you use software built for “new” car dealers?

Motorcycle Dealers

Motorcycle dealers work with passionate customers who are seeking a product just right for them. Using a “Motorcycle” Dealer Management System designed for new and used cars does not allow you to properly serve your customer.

Marine Dealers

Much like the classic car market. Marine is a fragmented market. There is the luxury side, all the way to those in need of restoration and repair. That’s why you need dealer management software custom tailored to your explicit needs.