Ebay Sales Dashboard

Not only does Speed Digital create custom eBay templates: (November 30, 2016: Use Custom Templates to Stand Out from The Amateur Masses), our Dealer Accelerate software integrates seamlessly with eBay!

You can check out current #PoweredBySpeedDigital clients using eBay templates and integration at the following links:


DealerAccelerate eBay Integration

The only way to realistically scale a business is to avoid manually processing eBay and other classified listings.  If you have done just one eBay listing manually, you understand how time-intensive it is.

Have you ever gone to a doctor’s office and filled out a form only to get asked the same question over and over by every new person you come in contact with?

Why re-select the make, model, and a zillion other specs not to mention re-upload pictures to eBay when you have already done that once?  

The data already entered into Dealer Accelerate can be easily replicated with our third-party integration tool.

Here’s How:

Step 1:

Set-up you eBay options in settings.  Never have to set your shipping or other configurations again.


Step 2:

Publish inventory to eBay within each individual listing:



Step 3:

Monitor your lots on your custom eBay dashboard.

Sort results by:

  • Days left on listing
  • Status
  • Posted Date
  • Listing Ends Date


Step 3:

View leads in the eBay sales dashboard

Ebay Sales Dashboard

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