http vs https

Because your website’s performance and your customers’ security are important to us, over the next couple of months, we will be converting your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

If your website collects information from your customers like names, email addresses or passwords, you want to ensure their information is safe. By switching your website from HTTP to HTTPS any information a visitor enters will be protected through encryption, data integrity and authentication.

The Dealer Accelerate application has always been secure and has always had a SSL cert; therefore, all the information within the software is heavily protected. Only the dealer websites are being converted to HTTPS.

According to Google’s Search Console, “HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an Internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user’s computer and the site.”

For security purposes alone, it makes sense to convert websites to HTTPS; however, there is another reason to make the transition sooner than later – Google ranking.


When Google first introduced HTTPS as a ranking signal in 2014, the designation carried very little weight. However, due to the increased importance of security on websites, having a secure website now ranks higher in Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

Blue Corona, an inbound web marketing, analytics and optimization firm, has this to say about the growing importance of HTTPS on SEO: “Although only less than 1% of all websites are secure … 40% of Google’s page one organic search results feature an HTTPS site.

“Google has encouraged webmasters to make the migration to a secure site for a while now and has been giving an increasing amount of weight in ranking boosts to websites that are HTTPS.”

Two other facts about HTTPS, according to Blue Corona, are that “84% of users would abandon a purchase if data was sent over an insecure connection, indicating that website insecurity could potentially impact sales” and “HTTPS websites load much faster than HTTP sites, and sites with faster speeds are more likely to rank better.”

Most companies would charge a large fee to convert a website from HTTP to HTTPS; however, that’s not the case with Speed Digital. If you are one of their 120+ specialty car dealers and classic car auctions using either Dealer Accelerate or Auction Accelerate, we will change your website to HTTPS free of charge.

If you have any questions or want to know more about transferring your page to HTTPS, including when this conversion will take place, contact your Customer Success Manager at 866-457-7333.