Beyond a Dealer Management System

A complete solution to grow your business.

Inventory Management

Our cloud-based solution lets you centralize your inventory data so you, or your team can manage inventory in real-time from any internet connected device. Need to view current stock, update specifications, or check the status of a sale? You can easily do that and more!

Customize your inventory data, options, and specifications to ensure each item is represented and sold properly. Add details for a one-off custom product or unique costs related to one or more inventory items.

Quickly toggle between inventory, service items, or parts. From initial entry to the end of the inventory cycle and beyond, our software takes the hassle out of managing.

Order and Sales Management

From inquiry to sale, documents to fulfillment – we’ve got you covered.

We know that like your inventory, the task of selling it is special, particular, and just a little bit different from case to case. Our innovative solution takes that into account, ensuring that your individual needs and processes are accounted for. This is by all means an out-of-the-box Sales management solution, but we offer flexibility and customization to the processes we already have in place.

Automatic Inventory request matching, customized sales documents, and sophisticated lead capturing are just a few tools we offer to help you sell more efficiently and maximize efforts!

Automated Task Management

Imagine if you could have another “YOU” ensuring tasks were completed on time while you focus on the big picture.

With our cutting edge task management system you can customize workflows specific to your business, and employ automated tasking, including reminders and completion dates per task. Combine that with our task management dashboard and you can easily manage your business’s day-to-day processes from virtually anywhere! Instantly see a list of open or completed tasks, deadlines, status’ and even break them down by employee.

With a 360-degree view of your operations you can improve the efficiency of your business and thus reduce wasted time that drives internal costs up.

Customer and Lead Management

Customer service is the cornerstone of any great business. DealerAccelerate makes the often time-consuming task of customer management a breeze. You can view and track your customers entire purchase history, store, open, and download service records or invoices, and even enter requests and conversational notes, all in one user-friendly dashboard.

Never lose a lead again. DealerAccelerate’s revolutionary lead tracking features allow timely and precise lead management. By automating lead entry, all you or your team have to do is focus on selling. We arm you with the tools to give your potential customers exactly what they are asking for – a great product and excellent service. Let us help you turn prospects into lifelong customers.

Simplified Publishing to
3rd-Party Sites

Easily send one, some, or your entire inventory to 20+ integrated 3rd-party marketing sites. Our solution aims to reduce the time wasted adding or removing inventory from various marketing and classified sites. Simply confirm your export details, click, and let us take care of the rest!

Need support, or managed publishes? Interested in an integration you don’t see here? We’re happy to help you with that too.

One-Click Reporting

DealerAccelerate reporting gives you quick and valuable insights. Inventory reports, marketing insights, logistics, sales reports, and detailed customer exports are just a few of the ways we help you track and attack.

Have a report that you use currently and want to integrate with DealerAccelerate, or have an idea for a new one? We offer completely customized reporting in the form of enhancements, or one-offs.

Extremely Customizable

Completely customize the platform to suit the specific needs of your business.

World Class Support

We boast an experienced and dedicated team to support, train and assist you and your team to ensure you are maximizing the potential of the software.

Integrated Web and Digital Marketing

Manage your website right from your software! DealerAccelerate-Powered Sites fully integrate with your software and automatically implement SEO best practices, giving you a solid frame to build your digital brand upon.

Lead Conversion Optimizer

Increase conversion for your incoming leads! Our Lead Conversion Optimizer automatically imports incoming inquiries from 3rd-party sites into your DA account, assigns them to your sales staff, and ALERTS the sales staff immediately to contact the interested party. How does that help me convert leads?
It significantly reduces the time from customer inquiry to outbound call/initial contact and removes guesswork. The sales personnel receive the alert and tasks notification in real-time, and has access to all of the relevant vehicle info from any internet connected device so they can contact the customer and discussion the specifics of the vehicle and close the sale!


Say good-bye to paperwork! Our eSign integration automatically populates the relevant customer and sale information into your sale documents. Then, customers can electronically open, review, sign and return the document from the road or the office. Curious about the status of a pending contract get real-time visibility so you know when it’s opened, signed and returned. Completed documents are returned to your Dealer Accelerate account and securely stored for future reference.