QuickBooks + Dealer Accelerate

Every business, regardless of size, strives to keep their books in order, but it can be a daunting task. Having one of your company’s main sales channels (i.e., your website) separate from your accounting software can make the transfer of information between the two different systems laborious and confusing.

With our latest feature, these complications will be a thing of the past. Over the next couple of weeks, we are rolling out an update that introduces QuickBooks integration to Dealer Accelerate and Auction Accelerate software.

The integration allows your QuickBooks and Dealer Accelerate accounts to talk with each other, eliminating the need to enter cost items and sales information twice. You can select the direction in which you want the information to flow from system to system.


There are three different paths in which your information can travel between the two systems: 1) Dealer Accelerate to QuickBooks, 2) QuickBooks to Dealer Accelerate, or 3) both.

If you opt to have information travel only from Dealer Accelerate to QuickBooks, any changes made (e.g., a sales transaction) within Dealer Accelerate will automatically update in your QuickBooks, but changes made in your QuickBooks software will not automatically be updated in Dealer Accelerate. The opposite is true for option two, while the third setting allows for information to flow freely in either direction.

In order for the integration to work, it is required that you have QuickBooks API, which only works with the online version of the accounting software.

Since every dealer has their accounting set up in a manner that is unique and beneficial to their business, we would need to align the integration to your company’s chart of accounts. The necessary infrastructure already exists within Dealer Accelerate, allowing Speed Digital to customize the platform to the needs of each individual dealer. Upon setup, your accounting software will be synced with Dealer Accelerate.

There is a nominal fee to add the QuickBooks integration to your Dealer Accelerate account, but the elimination of double entry and the reduction of headaches is well worth the price.

To get more information about the QuickBooks Integration or to add it to your software, please call your Speed Digital Customer Success Manager at 866-457-7333.