Google Analytics

As society becomes more technologically savvy and more and more people turn to the Internet to do everything from getting the news to checking the latest scores to shopping, it’s extremely important that your website is performing at its peak and delivering the results you want.

Oftentimes a potential customer’s first introduction to your specialty dealership is through your website; therefore, you want to make sure your digital showroom is doing everything it can to convert those browsers into first-time buyers and those buyers into repeat customers.

Google Analytics is the best tool to understand how your site is performing. It allows you to track how much traffic is coming to your website, where it’s coming from, what vehicles are receiving the most attention and many other factors.

If you’ve ever looked at a Google Analytics account for a website, you’re probably aware of the profusion of information that can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t know how to digest all the numbers.

While this in-depth information is good to have, it can be hard to analyze and it’s not all completely necessary.

That’s why we built a Google Analytics dashboard within our Dealer Accelerate and Auction Accelerate software that provides you with nice, digestible high-level information so you can better understand what’s happening with your site without the headache of trying to figure out what each piece of inconsequential data means.

analytics screenshot

The dashboard breaks the information into five easy-to-understand graphs or charts.

  1. Current Month vs Last Month: This line graph compares the number of views your website has had during the current month to the number of views it had the previous month broken down daily. For example, you can compare the number of views your website had on June 8 against the number of views it had on May 8 or any other day in May.
  1. This Year vs Last Year: Like the first graph, this bar graph tracks your website’s views. Unlike the previous graph it compares the current year to the previous year on a monthly basis. For example, you can easily identify whether your website’s traffic in May 2017 was better or worse than the previous May.
  1. Sources (last 31 days): This donut chart is split into five sections that represent the top five channels in which people have used to visit your website in the past 31 days. Examples of sources include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and Direct; however, the five sources will differ for every website based on where the traffic is coming from.
  1. Top vehicles (last 31 days): The top five viewed cars on your website from the last 31 days are displayed in this chart. In addition to a thumbnail photo, you will find the year, make and model of each car, as well as a link and the number of times it’s been viewed on your website over the past 31 days.
  1. Analytics Dashboard: The Analytics Dashboard is perhaps the most versatile and useful tool on the Google Analytics dashboard. It has a comprehensive search function that allows you to search your website’s inventory on Dealer Accelerate for cars that have had at least one view during a selected time period. You can search for vehicles by Make, Model, Secondary Model, Year and Price, among other fields. For example, if you want to view all blue Ford Mustangs in your inventory over the past month, the search engine will pull all blue Ford Mustangs that have had at least one view during the allotted time period. In addition to a vehicle’s photo, make, model and total number of views, the dashboard also provides the following information on each car: number of unique views, number of users, average time visitors spent viewing the car and total time all visitors viewed the car.

Aside from the benefits to your website’s performance, perhaps the best feature of the Google Analytics dashboard is that it’s free for our clients currently using Dealer Accelerate or Auction Accelerate.

If you’re not yet utilizing the Google Analytics dashboard, all you need to do is link your Google Analytics account with Dealer Accelerate. Once linked, you will be able to easily access the dashboard with only a couple clicks. From inside your Dealer Accelerate account, click on the “Marketing” tab. Then click on the “Public Site” dropdown menu and select “Analytics.”

If you want more information or need assistance setting up your Google Analytics dashboard, please call your Speed Digital Customer Success Manager at 866-457-7333.