Canepa Car Stack

You can’t do investment grade and competition automotive without the goods, and when it comes to the goods, there is a particular facility in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains occupying 70,000 square feet that truly delivers.

Aside from a stunning showroom, Canepa (#PoweredBySpeedDigital) has quite a bit of racing heritage and expertise which serves them well when it comes to restoration services. Investors and collectors alike have called on Canepa to breathe new life into cars ranging from the first Duesenberg production car ever built to the 1972 Can-Am winning Porsche 917/10.

If you are in the area, give them a call:



Canepa Exterior 01




Interior Showroom

Museum FINAL 01

Showroom 10.16 01


Onsite Facilities

Canepa Gridlock

Canepa Service Area

Canepa Special Projects

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