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Always Depend on D.A.D. for the Transportation of Your Classic and Specialty Cars

As a classic and specialty car dealer in the business of selling collector cars, there are times when you have to ship vehicles to clients and auctions across the country. We know how stressful and time-consuming this process can be. … Read More


Take Advantage of Brexit to Source Inventory

Strong Dollar Buying Power This week the value of the British pound hit a 31-year low compared to the U.S. dollar resulting in deep discounts on British goods. Today, one British pound is worth $1.27. Two years ago in this … Read More


Unconventional Ways to Have Inventory Come to You

  Place a Standing Ad on Craigslist Targeted wanted ads on Craigslist can be a great way for deals to come to you while you do other things. You can place an ad that says, for example, the following: AD … Read More


Dan Kruse Classics Lands 2 Whopping Collections Perfect for Dealers

  2 collections are being sold at the Dan Kruse Classics auction taking place in San Antonio March 24 – 26. View more details about the cars in each collection –> the Calcari Collection and the Ellis collection. REGISTER AS A BIDDER –> … Read More


How to Turn a Bad Review into a Positive

The biggest mistake you can make. Some people make the mistake of letting these sit out there.  That’s the #1 mistake. Bad reviews are an opportunity!  In most cases, they can be even stronger than a five-star review if you … Read More


2017 Scottsdale Auction Week Round-Up!

  Speed Digital was in Scottsdale for their annual Speed Soiree hosted at The Stables (#PoweredBySpeedDigital!).  While there we had a chance to attend nine (9!) amazing auction week events to meet and greet potential clients and catch up with current … Read More


Over 100 Top Automotive Brands Choose Speed Digital! Join the Elite Ranks.

Whether it’s software #PoweredBySpeedDigital DealerAccelerate for Specialty Dealers AuctionAccelerate for Classic Auctions Companies Private Collection for Collectors MyClassicGarage for Enthusiasts or stunning dealer websites #PoweredBySpeedDigital including… Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance GAA Classic Car Auctions Leake Auction Company Fastlane Classic Cars Lusso … Read More


What Do 3-Year-Olds & Your Customers Have in Common?

Not for a second do we think car enthusiasts are whiny toddlers.  On the contrary, car collectors and enthusiasts are usually an exceptionally mature pleasant portion of the population.  It’s one of the things that makes this business so fun … Read More

DealerAccelerate Automates – New Car Finder Feature Takes Hassle Out Of Inventory Requests

We all get these calls… potential customers inquiring about a sold vehicle, or one that we may not have in stock currently.  What if you had an automated web form that would take these requests, store them in your software, … Read More


Say Good-Bye to Paperwork! A Dealer Management System that Simplifies your Business.

Get the deal done faster with Dealer Accelerate’s EchoSign feature. With just a few clicks, in about 10 seconds, you can have a contract completed and sent via email! EchoSign improves your operations as it allows you to easily prepare … Read More