Canepa Car Stack

Dealer Showroom: Canepa

You can’t do investment grade and competition automotive without the goods, and when it comes to the goods, there is a particular facility in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains occupying 70,000 square feet that truly delivers. Aside from … Read More


How to Turn a Bad Review into a Positive

The biggest mistake you can make. Some people make the mistake of letting these sit out there.  That’s the #1 mistake. Bad reviews are an opportunity!  In most cases, they can be even stronger than a five-star review if you … Read More


2017 Scottsdale Auction Week Round-Up!

  Speed Digital was in Scottsdale for their annual Speed Soiree hosted at The Stables (#PoweredBySpeedDigital!).  While there we had a chance to attend nine (9!) amazing auction week events to meet and greet potential clients and catch up with current … Read More


Over 100 Top Automotive Brands Choose Speed Digital! Join the Elite Ranks.

Whether it’s software #PoweredBySpeedDigital DealerAccelerate for Specialty Dealers AuctionAccelerate for Classic Auctions Companies Private Collection for Collectors MyClassicGarage for Enthusiasts or stunning dealer websites #PoweredBySpeedDigital including… Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance GAA Classic Car Auctions Leake Auction Company Fastlane Classic Cars Lusso … Read More


Roll Tide: How Nick Saban & “The Process” Can Help Speciality Dealerships Win

OK So ‘Bama didn’t win their championship against Clemson this year.  One thing most people will agree on though is if Saban is at the helm of The Crimson Tide the odds are more likely that they will be back … Read More

Ebay Sales Dashboard

Dealer Accelerate Integrates with eBay Motors.

Not only does Speed Digital create custom eBay templates: (November 30, 2016: Use Custom Templates to Stand Out from The Amateur Masses), our Dealer Accelerate software integrates seamlessly with eBay! You can check out current #PoweredBySpeedDigital clients using eBay templates and … Read More


CASE STUDY: How to Break Out of the Regional Box and Attract International Customers

Is the Internet Changing How Specialty Dealerships Compete?Short Answer: Yes 1,000 True Fans Founding Executive Editor of Wired Magazine, Kevin Kelly, is well-known for the principle, “1000 True Fans.”  You can read about it here, or watch a short summary video about … Read More


The Pros Talk About Photographing Cars – Our Favorite Resources Around The Web To Help you Take Better Inventory Pictures

You may not have access to a closed track or have Larry Chen on your staff, but the tips below can help you get the most out of merchandising your inventory online.  Great inventory photography definitely does make all the … Read More


Dealer Showroom: EMG Cars

There’s just something about the southeast and classic cars.  EMG based in Phoenix, AZ takes full advantage of all that the enchanting landscape has to offer.  EMG has a private collection as well as a solid well-curated inventory of cars for sale. … Read More


Dealer Case Study: And a Lesson From USMC Ground Maneuver Warfare

Why the Real Top Gun Instructors are Scarier than the Fictional Versions: Remember in Top Gun when the “best of the best” students were scared of these guys: Well this guy, John Boyd, (pictured below) was a real Top Gun … Read More