Monthly Archives: August 2017

Google Analytics

Discover the Truth about Your Website’s Performance with Google Analytics

As society becomes more technologically savvy and more and more people turn to the Internet to do everything from getting the news to checking the latest scores to shopping, it’s extremely important that your website is performing at its peak … Read More

http vs https

Improving and Securing Your Digital Presence: Making the Conversion to HTTPS

Because your website’s performance and your customers’ security are important to us, over the next couple of months, we will be converting your website from HTTP to HTTPS. If your website collects information from your customers like names, email addresses … Read More

QuickBooks + Dealer Accelerate

Eliminate Double Entry with Speed Digital’s New QuickBooks Integration

Every business, regardless of size, strives to keep their books in order, but it can be a daunting task. Having one of your company’s main sales channels (i.e., your website) separate from your accounting software can make the transfer of … Read More