Monthly Archives: November 2016


What Do 3-Year-Olds & Your Customers Have in Common?

Not for a second do we think car enthusiasts are whiny toddlers.  On the contrary, car collectors and enthusiasts are usually an exceptionally mature pleasant portion of the population.  It’s one of the things that makes this business so fun … Read More


Use Custom eBay Templates to Stand Out from the Amateur Masses

Establishing trust and credibility is vital, but the importance is multiplied significantly when selling online.  The internet has increased demand for classic cars, but to play in the online game, you must establish yourself as a credible safe place to conduct transactions. … Read More


Dealer Showroom: Symbolic International

Combine restraint, a racing heritage, sunny SoCal, an art Gallery, and a devout passion for the collector car business and you get Symbolic International  – our next installment of Showroom Showcase.  The gallery speaks for itself, but we’re pretty sure … Read More


Dealer Showroom: Brown’s Classic Autos

If you have been to Southwest or Arizona specifically, you understand the unique appeal of the large clear skies and dry landscape.  It’s perhaps one of the best places on the planet to get in a car and drive.  Brown’s … Read More


Did You Know: DealerAccelerate has a Car-by-Car Google Analytics Dashboard | Plus Lessons From one of The Scariest Navy SEALs on the Planet

  Google Analytics is a powerful tool, however it is extraordinarly complex and not built for classic car dealers. According to one Navy SEAL that is a problem.  Not just any seal, Jocko Willink the Commander of SEAL Team 3’s Task … Read More


Did You Know: You Can Close Deals with Out-of-Town Buyers & Never Need to Handwrite a Buyer’s Guide or Any Other Sales Doc Again

Finalizing the paperwork with a buyer is an exciting time that marks the culmination of a lot of sometimes thankless work behind the scenes. The buyer is in love with the car enough to fork over cash usually means he … Read More