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Dealer Accelerate “Quick Add” Feature

Dealer Accelerate’s Classic Car DMS just got easier to use. Until now adding cars to your inventory meant going through a fairly lengthy process involving multiple screens. That has all changed.  Not all dealerships want all use every specification field … Read More

First Classic Porsche Partner


Gaudin Classic is the first North American Classic Porsche dealer authorized by Porsche.  They also selected Speed Digital as their online technology provider.


Gaudin Classic’s new site was designed by Speed Digital and the inventory is managed using Speed Digital’s Dealer Accelerate DMS software.



Gaudin offers a complete range of services including a full inventory of over 50,000 original parts and certified professionals trained to maintain classic Porsche’s.


Not only that, Gaudin has some of the most unique collectible Porsche’s on the market including a 1970 Tangerine 911E with a black interior.


The car is amazing and the photo quality (see below) of the shots are enough to see why Porsche selected Gaudin to be the first North American classic partner.


At the time of this writing, Gaudin had 3 turbo’s model year 1990 or older including:



• an ’87 930


• and an ‘87 911


For more information on Gaudin Classics visit their website, or any of their social media properties such as Instagram, youtube, or facebook.


















Showroom Showcase: Fast Lane Classic Cars

Announcing Classic Car Showroom Showcases Showrooms are an integral part of operating a classic car dealership. The blog will begin to feature classic car showrooms from around the world highlighting details, nostalgia, and ideas that bring these physical locations … Read More

Google Guide for Specialty Dealers | Part 5, Conversions and Copy

Welcome to week 5 of our six-part series “The Ultimate Google Guide For Specialty Car Dealers” brought to you by  Speed Digital. We had a lot of fun creating this week’s videos and used some classic references.  We hope that you will … Read More


Introducing Category Pages for Better SEO Rankings

Until now it has traditionally been hard for individual dealers to rank well for Google searches like, “Camaros for sale” “Hot Rods for sale” “Classic Coupes for sale” These are all category searches.  Some category searches are hobby segments (Hot … Read More

Google Guide for Specialty Dealers | Part 4, UX & Site Speed

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