Monthly Archives: July 2015

Is your site Mobile-Friendly?

Recently the big guys at Google rolled out a new algorithm change that could adversely limit and hinder your search rankings if your site is not mobile-friendly. So what does this mean to you? Now more than ever, consumers are … Read More

NEW FEATURE SET: Integrated Google Analytics

The most important part of any business is looking at data and numbers. Without it, how else would you know what areas of the business to improve or change? We know that business and profit is important, so we’ve taken … Read More

Client Testimonial: Vanguard Motor Sales

Client Testimonial: Vanguard Motor Sales Our recent client feedback has us blushing. There’s no better feeling than knowing that our work is exactly what our client’s need. Vanguard had reached out to us for assistance on their inventory pages. Now with the … Read More