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Starwood Motors: https://inventory.starwoodmotors.com/vehicles
Starwood Motors, located in Dallas, specializes in customized Jeeps, as well as other high-end luxury vehicles. In 2017, Starwood Motors partnered with Speed Digital to give their inventory pages a high-quality design that better showcased their cars. The result? Starwood Motors’ website was upgraded with user-friendly inventory pages that were both aesthetically appealing and chock-full of all the information visitors would want to know, making each buying experience a positive one.

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MBP Motorcars: https://www.mbpmotorcars.com/
When Matthew Post, founder of MBP Motorcars, was looking for a company to design and build their website, he sought a referral from GT Motor Cars, who pointed him to Speed Digital. MBP Motorcars, based out of Owensville, Ohio, was a newer dealership and in need of a website and logo, which Speed Digital was able to provide. The dealership that specializes in collector cars from the 1960s to today also provides detailing, collection management and storage.